Kyadondo East MP Bobi wine returns home welcomed by heavy deployment of armed personels

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi returns home amidist heavy deployment of security personels in most parts of Entebbe and Wakiso, says he feels much better after treatment in the US.

Kyagulanyi, who accuses security of torturing him, had flown to the US to receive treatment. He told his supporters and the media that he was feeling better and would resume his duties soon.

They Police have deployed to block any attempts to make a procession from the airport. They have also limited access to the airport by people, especially journalists.

Security has mounted roadblocks on Entebbe highway to ensure materials such as T-shirts and banners related to Bobi Wine procession are not taken to the airport.

Police authorities say there will be heavy deployment in Kampala and Wakiso district, to deter any likely demonstrations that might disrupt business and traffic.

Bobi Wine addressing supporters at his home in Magere.ANJ CORPS

He says he still feels weak.

Kyagulanyi, whose supporters and a section of opposition politicians had planned to receive, could not meet them because the Police had warned the politicians and the public not to hold any meeting or procession.

A supporter waits for Bobi Wine at his home in Magere.

According to the Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, Kyagulanyi co-operated with the Police and was escoted to his home.

International Airport 
Last month, Kyagulanyi travelled to the US for treatment, following allegations of torture by security operatives. According to the guidelines, on arrival at Entebbe International Airport, Kyagulanyi will be received by his immediate family and will be availed security to his home.

Kayima said Police will further ensure law and order for all road users and there will be no unlawful rallies, processions and assemblies. “Any activity that entails a public gathering must conform with the Public Order Management Act. Kyagulanyi is expected to comply with the traffic guidelines and regulations,” Kayima said.

Deployment was done even at his former music base in Kamwokya, Kampala

He said security agencies received intelligence of a countrywide mobilisation of different groups of people who are being given red T-shirts and posters to participate in processions and assemblies to receive the legislator. “No member of his family has worked out a mechanism for these intended processions and assemblies. As such, they are unlawful and would disrupt normal business activities, including movement of people to and from the airport,” Kayima said.

“A section of the public is concerned about such unlawful and unregulated activities.” Kyagulanyi is among the 34 politicians and civilians that were arrested and charged with treason over allegations that they orchestrated violence during recent campaigns in Arua byelections, including pelting the presidential motorcade with stones.

He added that thereafter, Kyagulanyi will decide whether to join his electorate in Kyadondo East or go to Parliament. Katana said it is illegal for Police to prescribe the way people should express their happiness. He noted that Police’s major role is to ensure people keep law and order and offer security to Ugandans as they express themselves.

“Anybody planning to cause violence and chaos is a wrong person and most of them are masqueraders, not true supporters of Bobi Wine,” he said.

Bobi wine’s home in Magere.

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