Rwanda’s Boarder closure a threat to regional trade Ruto calls for immediate reopening of the boarder

Kenya Deputy President William Ruto has called asked the leadership of Rwanda to consider ending the border impasse and allow free movement of goods and services between the two nations in the spirit of regional integration and posterity.
Addressing participants at the Africa Now Conference in Kampala, Dr. Ruto asked leaders in the region to consolidate the progress East Africa countries have made over the years.
He said East Africa should be eliminating work permits to encourage integration.
“We should be thinking about eliminating work permits and a country is closing a border in East Africa. Really? We cannot afford to roll back from the gains we have made as East Africa. We cannot be closing borders!” He stated
“Unless Africans can travel, work, study and trade across borders unimpeded by bureaucracy, the continent’s dream of economic emancipation and unification will never be realised. We have made the decision to allow any East African to live and work in Kenya. Economic integration is critical in enabling Africa take its rightful place in global marketplace. Unless we trade as Africa, we are doomed to fail. Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) will create a single market for goods, services and increase intra-Africa trade”, he said.
Yesterday, Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta paid a visit to Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame and hours later, he was hosted by President Museveni in State House, Entebbe.
Rwanda closed its borders with Uganda over allegations that Rwandans are not safe in Uganda.
Rwanda claims Uganda hosts Rwandan dissidents who are recruiting its citizens.
However, Uganda denies the allegations.

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