Businessman Ali Jabar dies mysteriously in a hospital shooting while visiting wife

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire said, Ali Alseyed Abdul Jabar had gone to the medical facility to check on his wife who had given birth.

By Nasser Kasozi  

A self-styled controversial businessman Ali Alseyed Abdul Jabar who was recently been accused of involved in dubious business deals including trafficking Ugandan girls  for sex in the united Arab emirates has been shot dead in a mysterious shooting by a wife at a hospital facility in Kampala.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire said, Ali Alseyed Abdul Jabar had gone to the medical facility to check on his wife who had given birth.

What started as a bundle of joy, turned tragic when Ali Abdu Jabar, a new father who had gone to visit his wife and baby was shot dead, at Kampala Independent Hospital in Ntinda city suburbs.

Luke Oweyesire says, On the fateful morning hours of Saturday a one Zaina Karama, who believed to be a cousin  to his wife allegedly played with the deceased pistol  not knowing that the bullet that a bullet had already entered the gun chamber. And was shot in the chest but efforts to save him failed and investigations into the matter are ongoing but  preliminary reports indicates that the shooter  Zaina Karama, is said to be a cousin to Jabar’s wife, Fatuma Jabar, has also been admitted after she collapsed and became unconscious following the incident. “The gun was owned by the deceased.

It was picked by the suspect (Karama) who started playing with it. The deceased withdrew the gun from her and removed the magazine then handed it back to her. She again played with the gun and pointed it at him and when she pulled the trigger, a bullet was discharged and hit Jabar in the chest,” Assistant Superintendent of Police Owoyesigyire said on Saturday.

Doctors rushed to the scene and tried to save Jabar by carrying out an operation all were futile as he had already succumbed to a gunshot wound.

After the shooting incident, the suspect collapsed and was also admitted in the same hospital; Luke Owoyesigyire said she is still unconscious.

Luke Owoyesigyire said a murder charge has been opened against Karama.
“We would like to caution private gun owners to, at all times, be careful on how they hold and operate their guns and never to hand them over to minors or anyone who is not qualified to hold it,” he said.

Ali Alseyed Abdul Jabar a Controversial  businessman has been facing several charges including getting involved in dubious business deals, trafficking of Ugandan girls to Arab world and he has been under investigations facing charges of conning people money, battering Ugandan girls who had allegedly conned of their money in Dubai, united Arab Emirates as well as extorting money by false pretense, he was also facing several charges including embezzlement and human trafficking.

He also faces a raft of other charges including embezzlement and human trafficking but he appears to always be ahead of law enforcement following his criminal record he has found a new identity and a coveted job as a security officer in Uganda government clearly defended by immigration and politicians in that internal affairs ministry who believed to be working covertly with him.

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