CCTV Camera working in Kampala City captures two robbers, Police arrests them

Days after taxi passengers stuck in traffic jam at Shoprite along Entebbe Road became victims of phone snatching in the city, police tracked down the culprits with the help of recently installed CCTV camera footage on Wednesday.
Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire said Esau Nduhukire was arrested together with Musa Byamukama for being in possession of suspected stolen items.
“Results of the recently installed CCTV cameras are beginning to show up. This follows arrest of Esau Nduhukire recently caught on camera stealing from passengers stuck in traffic jam at Shoprite along Entebbe Road. Charges of theft have been preferred against him. He was arrested together with Musa Byamukama for being in possession of suspected stolen items,” he said.
According to police, Byamukama’s arrest followed Nduhukire’s confession that after stealing, he would later take them to Byamukama for sale.
Both national and Kampala statistics show rampant thefts of smartphones, especially when motorists are stuck in traffic jams, near entertainment places and quiet streets.
Snatching of mobile phones is most common along Entebbe highway, followed by a stretch between New Taxi Park and Busega Township, Bombo Road and Gayaza Road.
In March 2016, at least 86 cases of theft of mobile phones were registered in Kampala with a total value of Shs50.3m. But only phones worth Shs5.9m were recovered. Of the 86 cases, 29 were taken to court where five convictions were secured.
Where the stolen phones end up
In 2014 – between January and June – 5,287 mobile phones were stolen in Uganda compared to 4,027 that were stolen in 2015. Most of these stolen phones end up in markets in neighbouring countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.
Most people fall victim to thieves when they are inside vehicles and cannot get the time to pursue the criminals or seek help instantly. Even those who have attempted to chase the thieves end up being assaulted by those criminals.
Most of the cases under police investigations point at delinquents operating in groups.
The group chooses a member who appears weak in that he will not raise suspicion if he comes closer to someone holding a smartphone.
The boy will then snatch the phone from the unsuspecting victim and walk away.
Notorious spots where your phone could be snatched
Ben Kiwanuka-Clock Tower-Kibuye stretch:
Taxis are often held in traffic jams for more than an hour. Most taxis, if not all, have no air conditioning which forces passengers to open windows wide for fresh air. Phone snatchers take advantage when passengers are using their phones near the open windows.
Kabuye-Katwe-Kalitunsi-Clock Tower

The stretch has slow vehicle traffic and has many getaway alleys which the criminals use to run away.
Ben Kiwanuka Road (Arua Park)
People operating in this street literally never go to sleep. It is always busy. But at night, criminals roam the streets. Despite the street lighting, muggers are there in big numbers. It is the main terminal for South Sudan-bound trucks.
Hoima Road (known as Namirembe Road)
It is a busy road/street with three major bus terminals, and a taxi park. Even deep in the night, public service vehicles continue to drop passengers. Criminals target unsuspecting people, snatch their property and run into slums of Kisenyi, where it is very difficult for the victims to pursue them.

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