Former presidential candidate Prof. Baryamureeba divinely joins NRM party

Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, has officially announced that with effect from 26th October 2018 to join the ruling party which is the National Resistance Movement (NRM) which is under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni.
Prof. Baryamureeba said on Friday that “God had told him to join the NRM as his party after two years of close discussion on his political future.”
“I have been having a close discussion with my God for the last two years and we have agreed that I should join NRM as my political party,”
‘God has summoned me to serve in NRM!’ – Prof Baryamureeba.
The former Presidential candidate on Friday 26, told hundreds that had turned up for the 2nd graduation of Ibanda University that after two years passedhe had a voice from God allowing him to join political party.
I have fulfilledmy mission with my heart to acknowledge the Gods call. I have accepted to become a member of NRM wholeheartedly, Prof. Baryamureeba said.
Baryamureeba who is also the Chancellor of Ibanda University, was speaking at the 2nd graduation function at Bubaare campus in Ibanda municipality. He said that time has come for me to join politics. I will not remain in one position forever.
He said that unlike some, who cross from different opposition parties to others, he prayed and God showed him that he should join NRM.
I have respected the voice of God, he added.

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