Ghetto Vice president Nubian Li records a song for jailed Boss Bobi wine

Fire Base crew vice president Nubian Li is currently in studio recording his brand new song titled ‘Kilimanyi’, a song that preaches against the use of excessive power, dictatorship and violation of human rights.
Everyone uses their talent differently in different situations. Nubian Li has resorted to using his music to express his dissatisfaction with the way his longtime comrade Bobi Wine was tortured and imprisoned.

Nubian Li has been Bobi Wine’s right hand man for many years as they both hustled through the journey of life in the ghetto to the parliament. He has always been seen around Bobi who also acknowledges his loyalty towards him.
Despite various attempts by security forces to prevent Bobi Wine’s close associates and friends from accessing him, the lot has done so much to ensure that they make their voices heard in the fight to have their mentor released.
Nubian Li is now taking a higher notch by recording a new song titled ‘Kilimanyi’. The lyrics to the song are very strong and in protest of the excessive force used by security forces while making arrests.
It should be noted that Bobi Wine is currently very ill and his family reported that he will need a kidney transplant after one of his kidneys was damaged due to the torture he was subjected to during his arrest.

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