Royal Ascot Goat race: Sudhir roots for charity to promote Humanity as ecstasy, fashion, slay goats’ thrills revelers at Munyonyo

Proceeds from this year’s edition will go to charity and in particular to the construction of sanitary toilets at Good Samaritan High School in Kamwokya.


By: Nasser Kasozi

Tycoon Sudhir Rupaleria has rallied Ugandans to invest in charity as a way of giving back to communities and improve their social economic livelihood through organizing fun events where ecstasy and glamour help in connecting and building a strong human race.

Sudhir in an interview with The African News journal says the Ruparelia Group decided to the Goat Races initiative as a great function and event for charity purposes.

This was at the Royal Ascot Goat Races, an event that attracts thousands of city’s socialites and other city party animals at the magnificent Speke resort Munyonyo located at the shores of Lake Victoria in Kampala.

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Tycoon Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia shares a photo with the Founder of The African News Journal Kasozi Nasser at the 2019 Royal Ascot Goat Races. (The African News Journal /PHOTO)

“The Goat Races time Uganda is a great inspiration and a function for charity purposes and the proceeds will go to building of latrines for Kamwokya Slum dwellers while giving people a platform to network raise money and have fun,”. Sudhir says.

The Symbolic Tear drop Banner flying high indicating the activities of the Ruparelia Foundation at the Royal Ascot Goat Races Munyonyo Kampala,Shores of Lake Victoria.(Photo/The African News Journal).

The Goat Races is the biggest social event in Uganda for the last 25 years and it’s ultimately the fun show for everyone who likes to socialize and network with people from various circles and it’s an opportunity for doing business through selling and promotions.

After a day of 8 goat races, the fun shifter to the hospitality tents as artistes including Bebe Cool called the shots.

The event attracted a cross section of people comprising of from the party animals from all walks of life, business, charity and from government including the Royals, corporates, diplomats, glitterati, businessmen, travel blogger and media, social media influencers flocked Munyonyo for the Goat Races.

Revelers enjoying the Royal Ascot Goat Goat Races festivities.(Photo/The African News Journal).

There were other vibrant performances from BigTril, Lydia Jazmine and Ykee Benda who got the crowds into full party mode and best of all, the fireworks by Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Decorated Goats ready to slay at the festivity.(Photo/The African News Journal).

On the same time, Sudhir’s son Rajiv Ruparelia one of the lead organizers of the event told The African News Journal, that unlike the past events of the Royal Ascot Goat Races, this year’s edition will be graced by fun-filled activities, eats, drinks Disco extravaganza, all over from Chill-Out Lounges set out at the Munyonyo Speke resort arena for revelers to mingle and get thrilled.

Goats Race organising chairman and CEO, Ruparelia Group shares a photo with the founder of The African News Journal at the 2019 Royal Ascot Goat Races. (The African News Journal /PHOTO)

Proceeds from this year’s edition will go to charity and in particular to the construction of sanitary toilets at Good Samaritan High School in Kamwokya.

Revellers having fun as the goats raced away (The African News Journal/PHOTO).

History of the Royal Ascot Goat Races in Uganda.

The Royal Ascot Goat Races, held at the Speke Resort on the shores of Lake Victoria, have been an annual Kampala tradition since 1993. It’s arguably the biggest event on the Ugandan social calendar.

The Royal Ascot Goat Race in Kampala began in 1993. When Entebbe Sailing Club considered fund-raising ideas, they adopted the idea of a goat race which started out on the grounds of the Kampala Rugby Club with 400 people in attendance. By 1998, it outgrew this facility and was moved to Speke Resort Munyonyo, in 1999 and grossed ten million Uganda shillings and attracted over 7,000 people in 2005.

Tycoon Sudhir ‘s son Rajiv Ruparelia and his Lovely wife Right and the guests (The Africa News Journal/Photo).

Along with size, the goat race also grew in scale.It quickly evolved into a whole day event modeled on the Royal Ascot horse races in Ascot England and a purse of more than 30 million UGX is awarded to the winning goat’s owners.

Similar to the Royal Ascot horse races, there is as much emphasis on dress, in particular unusual hats with prizes awarded to the best dressed couple, man, woman, and child, as well as to the person wearing the most extravagant hat and best goat name.

Spectators can also bet on goats through a preliminary parade around the track and a bettors’ guide that describes each goat, spectators can gauge possible winners. Proceeds from betting go to local charities. Along with goat races, there are hospitality and food tents as well as children’s amusements.

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