Its Time for Baganda to expose and depose Mayiga to save their culture and heritage

Its Time for Baganda to expose and depose Mayiga to save their culture and heritage

By Kaweesa Kaweesa

Its 8 years now since Mayiga became Katikkiro literally at the barrel of the gun. It’s worth noting that when taking Ddamula, a new Kattikiro is guarded by his clans mates up to Butikiro. Mayiga was guarded by armed UPDF officers! Baganda ignored this but it was symbolic of a colonial occupation agent ushered in.

As embodied in Buganda culture to respect leaders, we have been silent all those years expecting Mayiga to act for Buganda. The silence has been misinterpreted as docility and used to destroy core cultural values “empisa n’obuntu bulamu” and selling 75% of the kingdom land. 
In Mayiga’s 8 years so far, Buganda has lost more of its strength, wealth culture and heritage than it ever lost in her 1000yrs of existence.

White colonialists, Obote and even Museveni failed to destroy Buganda from outside so the current designed a  strategy to destroy it from within using Mayiga in the same way as colonialists used Sir Apollo Kaggwa during the reign of young Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa.

Much as Kabaka Mutebi is not a young king, he is systematically held hostage and a virtual prisoner with no uncontrolled access to Baganda. He is so guarded inside and outside the palace with any formal access communication to him securely checked or blocked by army and Mayiga himself  

The 2009 Buganda riots scared Museveni so much and he designed a smart plan to weaken, disintegrate and totally fold out Buganda kingdom from within. 
Unlike in Obote’s direct approach plan, the new plan employs an indirect rule approach aimed at social and economic self-destruction by Baganda. The long term goal is to make the Kabaka appear exploitative and the Kingdom useless to Baganda who will riot and call for its shutdown. With all its property already sold it will fold off forever with no way back by the future generation. 

The first step in this was to get a katikiro who uses the title “Kamalabyonna” literally. His first duty was to kill the spirit of Baganda  “Omwoyo gwa Buganda ogutafa” by doing all kinds of unthinkable abuses, theft and exploitation unheard of in the Kingdom 
It’s in line with this that Mayiga fits in with a demeaning hairstyle intended to demean the Bugandas perception of elders. To kill the spirit of Buganda he collects ettofaali, shares it amongst his henchmen. To kill Bugandas cultural pride he intentionally keeps Amasiro un-built making continuous crafty lies   

To burry Buganda locally and internationally, he destroys all Buganda youth groups, Nkobazambogo, Bangawa, mwemyamgo etc and the annual UNAA in America. He attacks the language itself by turning CBS a radio station setup to promote our culture into a Luganda language destruction tool (With presenters who speak broken Luganda mixed with English on top of which he sets up BBS TV as a brothel of phonography, (skimpy dressed presenters and music). 
He crowns this by supporting break aways like Buluuli, Kooki Bugerere, Stunts Buganda business projects K2, usurps powers of the Lukiiko, Bataka/clan heads councils, Saza chiefs and as if thats not enough he demeaningly addresses the Kabaka as “daddy” on top of bringing to him skimpy dressed dancers In public etc Stand up comedians (Mariachi) making innocent demeaning abusive jokes on Baganda is a fully paid part of this long term plan to Buganda a joke. 

All these acts are not accidental but are in a well laid plan to discredit and degrade Bugandas core values and to disgust Baganda of Buganda. Mayiga is working against Buganda.   

I confidently say it that all Baganda, clan heads, county chiefs and office bearers see, disapprove and are appalled by Mayiga’s abuses on Buganda  but are held silent by blocked formal communication channels and a double sided fear. 
On one side they fear Mayiga and his regime linked autocracy, on the other hand they fear being misunderstood by conservative Baganda who might instead mistakenly blame them as the enemies of Buganda  

Many once vocal Baganda are silent because they hold elective political offices which they fear to loose and others are taken up in the fight against Museveni’s dictatorship at national level.
Currently it’s only the brave Baganda youths who value their culture and heritage who are courageously coming up to expose the rot in Mengo to save our generation from being inactive as our kingdom was being destroyed by the greedy. Ironically senior citizens feed the young info to share!

In Buganda we say: “OLWATTA OMWAMI NALUMANYA, BBWA DDENE LIGAMBIBWAKO NYINILYO, LWOYA LWA MU NNYINDO and Katikiro Mayiga says; “Bwoba toyagala kukugambako tokola byakisilu, naye omussajja omukulu bakusanga wesimbye ku kisenge ofuyisa mbu temungambako” 

Exposing a Katikiro’s evils is not disrespecting (okuvoola) Kabaka or Buganda because a Katikiro is solely accountable to people and responsible for all his evils amongst fellow Bakopi
It’s time for Baganda to act and save our great heritage and block Mayiga from actualizing his move to depose our Kabaka and fold off Buganda.  
Mulekere awo okulirila Kabaka ne Buganda  

By: Kaweesa Kaweesa

Omukiise wa Jjaajja Walusimbi mu Ggomborola ye Naggojje-Ntunda Ssaza KyaggweAWANGAALE SSABASSAJJA Wendiggwa Woligwa.

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