Battle of Champions:Kadaga Oulanyah fight divides parliament!

“Oulanyah sometimes goes for long without chairing the house, and in some cases he is made to sit during controversial topics, and when something interesting comes up, the speaker herself, takes over,” the source said explaining why Oulanyah has not chaired parliament since the lockdown started.

By: The African News Journal Corps

The struggle for power and growing hostility grooms rivalry and in most cases affect performance and service delivery in public offices,as if this is not enough last week in the legislative arm of the government of Uganda fire erupted as sharp divide between the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah continues to dominate headlines as the public once again come to know of a calculated move reportedly aimed at impeaching Oulanyah from office.

The impeachment crusade reportedly begun from sections of members of Parliament from from the Busoga region under their caucus where the collection of signatures to impeach Oulanyah started last week, a move that Oulanyah loyalists are suspects to be coming from Kadaga’s camp.

The African News Journal has learnt from a reliable source whose names are not mentioned, that the move t impeach deputy speaker Jaccobo Oulanyah is on as a section of MPs are up in arms to have this move delivered and this was confirmed by few of the legislators who preferred anonymity saying ever since 2016 there developed a bad blood between speaker Kadaga and deputy Oulanyah and the struggle is about who should control what in the august house and who should be seen working with loyalty before the president.

“The fight to catch the presidents eye is affecting our parliament….as the speaker and her deputy all want to be ranked high the struggle has impacted on the relations and service delivery of the house….”an MP who names were withheld told The African News Journal website.

The rivalry, which is traced to a bitter fight for the country’s number three position in the aftermath of the 2016 General Elections, has seen the two castigate each other, and disapprove each other’s methods, even in the public domain.

While Jaccobo Oulanyah says Kadaga has messed up Parliament, Kadaga accuses her Deputy of being arrogant and incompetent. On several Occasions, Kadaga has overruled decisions taken by Oulanyah, declined his requests to travel and kept him ‘away’ from chairing the house.

“Oulanyah sometimes goes for long without chairing the house, and in some cases he is made to sit during controversial topics, and when something interesting comes up, the speaker herself, takes over,” the source said explaining why Oulanyah has not chaired parliament since the lockdown started.

The fight between the two leaders of the legislative arm of government has over the years morphed into open fights in the leadership and management of Parliament.

However, amidst the chaos of the 10 billion Shillings allocation to Parliament, the fight took a new twist. On May 7, When Parliament debated a motion to express displeasure with President Yoweri Museveni’s stance on the payments made to individual members of Parliament, Bugabula South MP Maurice Kibalya, amended the motion to include Jacob Oulanyah, the Deputy Speaker who they say betrayed Parliament by returning the money, against the guidance of the speaker.

The African News Journal has learnt that a section of MPs has started collecting signatures, to impeach Oulanyah.

To impeach a Speaker or the Deputy, a seven days’ notice, signed by not less than one-third of all Members of Parliament is needed. In this case, those sponsoring the move would require at least 153 signatures in support.

The motion needs to be passed by not less than two-thirds majority of all the voting Members of Parliament. But according to sources who work with the Deputy Speaker, Oulanyah has been preparing to take on the matter legally.

“Ever since the motion was amended to express displeasure for him returning money, by an MP from Kadaga’s side, Oulanyah knew what was coming, and I am told he is going to take this legally” the Source close to Oulanyah said.

According to information obtained from a senior officer in the office of the Clerk to Parliament that there was a move to impeach the Deputy Speaker, but this did not go beyond the Busoga caucus which was initiating the idea last week.

Mr. Sam Obbo the Private Press Secretary to the Speaker, told the African News Journal that there is not such war between the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

“What I can confirm is that the speaker is not the one instigating all this. This is what you can quote me on,” Obbo said.  

To confirm the bitter fighting and struggles for power in the parliament of Uganda a back bench commissioner who preferred anonymity told the African News Journal that it true there seems to be a bad blood between the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga and deputy Jaccobo Oulanyah and to me its just hunger for power and winning public sympathy and popularism to me its a personality matter.” one of the commissioners said.

“….my thinking is that the fighting between speaker and deputy looks to be a natural fight with no consequence on the running of affairs of the institution”…of parliament..we shall sit as a top organ to investigate these allegations and possibly unite the two leaders for continuity…..we do not need to hear a the name of our great institution in the public domain with fights we should be far from such childish quarrels if any” He said.

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