Muscians Eddy Kenzo Releases a mega hit MBAKOOYE a song against oppression and de-humanizing civilians

‘Mbakooye’ is a Luganda word to mean “I’m fed up of them”. Unlike Eddy Kenzo’s other songs that are usually about love, party time, and life stories, ‘Mbakooye’ is a political song elaborating on the political situation prevailing in the country.
As Bobi Wine’s wounds continue to heal under remand, fellow Ugandan artistes, the general public, and the international community are doing everything possible to raise a voice against the oppression prevailing in the country.
Eddy Kenzo has resorted to using his God given talent and fame to add a voice to many with this new song.
In the song, Eddy Kenzo expresses his dissatisfaction with the parliamentarians who have constantly appeared negligent of their duties and are always mentioned in corruption scandals.
The song was produced by producer David at DMS studios. It is a song with a deep message engraved in the lyrics accompanied by traditional instruments. It is bound to receive massive airplay regarding the current political situation in the country.

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