Music Promoters Petition Parliament over police cancellation of Bobi Wine concerts

Following the cancellation of several Bobi wine’s concerts in Gulu, Namboole, Masaka and other parts of the country, music promoters under their umbrella body of Uganda Music Promoters and Venue Owners Network, have moved a petition to the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga to make an innervation in showdown between the entertainment industry and the security organs

Last week Bobi Wine’s promoter Sarah Nasuuna collapsed and lost consciousness before she was rushed to hospital upon receiving the news from police regarding the cancellation of the show she had organized for Bobi wine just few hours to the event, despite the earlier clearance she had secured from police for the same show. Nasuuna is among other promoters who are currently nursing losses over the same issue which has prompted them to seek intervention of parliament to avoid further likely losses in the festive season

Tony Sempijja the coordinator of the group cried out to the speaker to that the concerts employs many people especially the youths including merchants , musicians,transport facilitators,cleaners, electricians and the media who reap big and government earn revenues but all are facing losses in their lucrative season of Christmas.

He expressed his disappointment with the police administration for frustrating their business by imposing tough guidelines which are very difficult to fulfill and urged parliament especially the musician turned mps to take keen interest in the matter.

Sempijja however noted that they don’t regard Bobiwine as politician in their industry but consider him as an entertainer and they had booked him four years ago before he joined politics. He also turned to bobiwine and cautioned him to stick to music while on stage and reserve politics for political rallies and parliament to save Music promoters business.

The petition was received by the office of the speaker as music promoters wait for an appointment with the speaker to air out their grievance

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