Parliament orders interns to vacate its precincts

In a letter dated 5th September, 2019 signed by Kumakecth also copied to the clerk to parliament Jane Kibirige, Deputy clerk Parliamentary Affairs Paul Wabwire, Deputy Clerk Corporate affairs, and all heads of departments in Parliament.

By Nasser Kasozi   

The administration of the parliament of Uganda has directed that all internees to leave the building forthwith in the cleanup exercise that is taking place and wiping out of wrong elements and characters from the august building.

According to information obtained from the office of the Director Human resources Parliament of Uganda Jackson Kumaketch has ordered all interns who have exceeded three months, undergoing internship program to vacate the precincts of immediately.

In a letter dated 5th September, 2019 signed by Kumakecth also copied to the clerk to parliament Jane Kibirige, Deputy clerk Parliamentary Affairs Paul Wabwire, Deputy Clerk Corporate affairs, and all heads of departments in Parliament.

The letter with a subject matter says “Laying off interns who have overstayed in the institution.”  

“This is therefore to request you to lay off all the interns who have exceeded three months in your respective departments with immediate effect. The interns should hand over their identification tags to senior administrative assistants in human resource department,” reads the letter.

Parliament admits over 100 students every three months period from January-April, June-August from various universities and higher learning of institution to undergoing three months internship program in various fields.

“We have noted with great concern that some departments have a habit of retaining interns beyond the recommended period of stay by Parliament and as well as their universities,”

“Please note that in line with our current internship policy, interns may be taken on for a period not exceeding three months,” reads the letter in bits.

“Furthermore note that the Parliamentary Commission policy restricts internship programme to continuing under graduate students only,”  

MPs speak out:

An MP on condition of anonymity said: “The reason why Interns don’t want to leave Parliament is during their interaction with the legislators, they create   relationship to canvass for jobs. Some intern at the completion of their period, are employed as political assistants while others are employed as researchers to various Parliament forums,”

Entitlements of interns at Parliament:

Another MP said “internes are entitled to a daily transport allowances to and from home and free lunch at the Parliament canteen.

“Some interns travel with Parliament committees when legislators are carrying out   their oversight roles, the interns are paid accommodation and per diem allowances,” said the MP.

 Another MP said: “Some interns get part time jobs with good pay ,for example some interns got a chance to be  recruited in the recent concluded Common Wealth Parliament Conference (CPC),”  

Parliament commission policy on interns

The intake for student interns shall be thrice a year, that is, January-April, June-August and April to June. The April-June intake is exclusively for the Law Development Centre student interns.

The Parliamentary Commission supports an internship program designed to provide learning and growth opportunities as well as professional experience to students of institutions of higher learning or universities.

The Internship program assists students in reaching their educational goals by giving them the opportunity to augment classroom training with exposure to the employment setting.

The Human Resource Department department shall receive all applications and screen them to ensure the following:

A letter from the higher institution of learning/university is attached

That the higher institution of learning/university is recognized by the national council of higher education of Uganda.

Internship is part of the student’s course requirement program

The department shall coordinate an induction program for the interns which shall include administering an oath of secrecy among others.

The department shall deploy/place the interns in the respective departments.

Exit of internship

However after the excise the students  shall hand over to their supervisors, property of the institution in their possession.

An internship report shall be provided to the intern as required by their higher institution of learning/university

The HR department shall schedule and conduct an exit interview to I obtain feedback from the intern.

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