Shia Muslims mark annual Ashuura procession in Kampala in commemoration of Imam Hussein,grandson of prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The event was organized by Sabar Islamic Dawa Group of Uganda at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and before the public lectures about Imam Hussein, there was a procession from Ghadafi road to Kiseka Market till old Kampala.

By:Issa Luyimbaazi Katungulu.

Uganda Shia Muslims across Uganda have gathered in Kampala to mark the annual Ashuura procession in commemoration of Imam Hussein, the grandson of prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The event was organized by Sabar Islamic Dawa Group of Uganda at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and before the public lectures about Imam Hussein, there was a procession from Ghadafi road to Kiseka Market till old Kampala.

This year’s theme focused on the philosophy of Karbala in promoting unity, patriotism and social development.

Among the guests was Sheikh Anasi Ssesimba, the member of Majlis Ulaama at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, Sheikh Abul Fadhil Luwemba who represented the secretary for Religious Affairs at UMSC, Prof .Adam Sebyala from Al-Mustafa Islamic University and the Cultural Chancellor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Uganda who was the guest of honour.

On speaking, Sheikh Anasi Ssesimba called for intersect unity and dialogue to enable inclusiveness and united community as it the core call of the Mufti of Uganda, His Eminence Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje.

He said that UMSC will work tooth and nail to unite all Muslims in Uganda as per the constitution mandate.

Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla, the cultural chancellor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of

IRAN informed the gathering that it was also the international Ali Asghar day since he donated his blood in Karbala and added that all continents participated in the Imam Hussein mission including John from Africa, some from Turkey and elsewhere.

What Imam Hussein stood for is not only for Shi' as or Muslims but humanity including

Christians. Mahtma Ghandi, the revolutionary leader in India appreciated the sacrifices of Imam

Hussein. We' have some scholars who wrote books about the greatness of the infallible Imams because of their extra ordinary efforts and eloquence in knowledge.

Imam Hussein donated his blood to save the light of Islam from the brutal ruler, Yazid who had brought corruption and injustices in society.

Hazrat Khadija, the wife of the holy Prophet used her wealthy for the sake of developing Islam.

Comrade Sofla emphasized the Muslims to take messages from what happened in Karbala to pass over the information to everyone so that such legacies and achievements cannot be forgotten and neglected since they give different understanding in Reformation of society from immorality and brutality.

”Those who killed Imam Hussein and his followers were all Muslims not Christians”. Yazid used

To give Haram money to the people and their human nature changed from good to bad and this

Has been evidenced by some terrorist groups that use Arabic words and Allah's names while beheading people,& he highlighted.

“To fight our souls and bodies from enjoining on forbidden earnings” he added.

Imam Hussein used equality and Justice while treating all people including his immediate family

And slaves. This is one of the great lessons we should emulate when relating with each other in

Society today. Human beings have been in paradise before through our grandfather Prophet Adam (A.S) but going back there we have got to use religion through good actions and faith. Until the day of judgement, two ways were created from Qabil and Abil and it up to us to know where we belong. Yazid and Imam Hussein is only a sample of that matrix.

Imam used to say that death to him is nothing but happiness and Hazrat Zainab said that what she saw in Karbala was awesome because living in tyranny oppression is like living in hell.

When you travel today in other countries, you will find our brothers the Sunnas joining the Shias in commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

We see Muslim nations supporting western countries to attack fellow Muslim countries in broad daylight and we keep reading and watching news everyday while people in Palestine, Yemen and elsewhere being killed by petrol dollar money.

He continued that the Redeemer, Imam Muhammad Al-Mahadi (A.F.S) will come and bring justice so that we witness a sheep living with a wolf together not like today.

The Islamic Republic of IRAN is a sample Nation which is in Imam Hussein way as you may know that it experiencing the heaviest economic sanctions imposed by the West.

He lasted recited a poem on the tragedy of Karbala Sheikh Hassan Mayambala the Director of Sabar Islamic Dawa Group gave a lecture on the background and treachery of the enemies of Imam Hussein (A.S) in regards to the tragedy of Karbala. History states the hypocrisy of Yazid and his group in the martyrdom of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions.

He asked the government to involve and give platforms to religious leaders to be key stakeholders in solving the ongoing murders in the country since it is a character decay issue that can directly affect the development of the nation.

He appealed to the parents to monitor their children on what they consume from and provide time to talk to their children for proper nurturing and parenting the future generation.

On speaking, Prof Adam Ssebyala said that The Islamic Ummah should never forget the event ofAshura which is a lesson and a source of guidance for us. Definitely, Islam is alive because of the event of Ashura and the efforts of Hussein ibn Ali (A.S.). “And I am from Hussein this narration.

“Means that Hussein (A.S.) continued the path of the Holy Prophet (S.W.A.) and he continued to promote Islam after him.

If it had not been for the event of Ashura and if these great sacrifices had not been made in the history of Islam, this valuable experience and this practical lesson would not have been bestowed on the Islamic Ummah and Islam would have definitely deviated from its path – as many religions before Islam did – and nothing would have remained from it.

The greatness of Ashura is because of this. It is narrated that after Imam Sajjad (A.S.) returned to Medina from Karbala– maybe ten or eleven months passed between the times this caravan left Medina and returned– a person visited him and said:

“Oh! Son of the Messenger of Allah, you see, you went and what happened?”

He was right; the caravan had left while Imam Hussain (A.S), the bright sun of Ahlulbait, so much loved by the Messenger of Allah, was among them, leading them. The daughter of Imam Ali (a.s.) had left while she was dignified and honored. The children of Imam Ali (A.S.) –Abbas and others– the children of Imam Hassan (A.S.), prominent and talented youth of Bani Hashem had all left with this caravan. But the caravan returned with only one man — Imam Sajjad (A.S.), with the women gone through sufferings of captivity and loss of their loved ones. Imam Hussain (A.S.), Ali Akbar (A.S.), even the baby were now gone.

Imam Sajjad (A.S.) answered that man, stating: “what would have happened if we had not gone”.

Yes! “If they had not gone, their bodies might have survived, but the truth would have died”. The soul would have died out. Consciences would have been shattered. Logic and reason would have been condemned throughout history, and even the name of Islam would not have remained.

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