South Sudan youth advised to realize their mission and vision, time for self-evaluation and assessment begins

Written by:Dr. Jembi Jembi,
For any project to succeed a person has to form his ideas first in his mind, well planned well consulted and executed and then he can launch it confidently. Therefore, during the course of running and managing the project, two very important things must take place, evaluation and assessment to ensure its continuation and guarantee its development. however, based on the previous articles regarding our youths and younger generations (Get up, stand up, rise up and wake up for your rights and freedom, Just a Reminder, South Sudan needs a true salvation, The choice is yours either to play a role or not to…, The Hope for the new leadership in South Sudan, You have the power to make a difference, South Sudan as people and nation needs you now not tomorrow, and Reflection on the duties and responsibilities of our young generations). To ensure that one has undertaken the right paths, authentic deliberations, and fervent issues under the same theme, the vision, and place of the youth in South Sudan as mentioned above. Therefore, at this ninth article, which carries the subject: “Time for self-evaluation and assessment” I would like to draw the attention of our youths and younger generations toward self-evaluation and self-assessment so that they can discover themselves, contribute positively and more importantly empower themselves as well. How to do that is very simple, you just have to read and ponder on the statements below, then you check either agree or disagree on the place provided before each statement. This self-evaluation and assessment will undergo three stages i.e. on the level of a vision, mission and place separately as follows:

Stage (i): About the Vision
We the youths and younger generations of South Sudan will work hard to ensure that South Sudan:
(1) Remains unstable for more decades
(2) Remains unchanged for our interest
(3) Remains one and united
(4) Obtains a temporal peace
(5) Obtains its full independence
(6) Is governed by one party system
(7) Is govern by multi-party system
(8) Experiences partly and partial development
(9) Experiences total development experiences
(10) Witnesses more chaos, anarchy and tribulations
(11) Witnesses more freedom, justice, and equality
(12) Realizes its vision, overall goal and objectives
Stage (ii): About the Mission
We the youths and younger generations of South Sudan have to work hard to ensure that South Sudan:
(1) Gets into the right direction after this destructive war
(2) Gets out of the extreme cases of war and destruction
(3) Assembles its sons and daughters into one entity despite what happened
(4) Discovers only her weaknesses and strive to fix them
(5) Discovers only her strengths and try to make use of them positively
(6) Endeavor to create good internal relationships among its people
(7) Step forward toward healing, reconciliation and sustainable peace
(8) Allows Sudan and Uganda to run its affairs smoothly
(9) Seeks protection of IGAD, UNIMISS, AU, and Troika
(10) Introduces another strange governance system
(11) Establishes local projects with the help of the shareholders
(12) Provides by itself security to its citizens
Stage (iii): About the Place or position
We the youths and younger generations of South Sudan must/should work hard to ensure that South Sudanese:
(1) Value themselves internally and externally
(2) Devalue themselves in order to be helped and supported by others
(3) Develop a strong feeling of belonging wherever they may be
(4) Build their capacity in order to be stronger, healthier and productive
(5) Create means and ways of formulating clear strategic objectives
(6) Enhance into their minds and hearts spirit of nationhood and citizenship
(7) Set rules, regulations, customs, and systems to attain a true identity
(8) Continue to widen the tribal circle to ensure that leaders are secured
(9) Set up regional and states strategic review and assessments
(10) Certain groups of people are taken care of and attain to more than others
(11) Restrict opportunities to certain groups of people, regions, and states
(12) Everywhere are treated equally regardless of their region, state, tribe, social,
economic, political status and religion etc…

The way forward:
Despite the general situation in South Sudan, and despite the circumstances of its citizens internally and externally, our youths and younger generations are highly favored and blessed for the following reasons:
They have the potential to be great.
They have the power to manifest many things.
They are gifted with so many talents that can help them to raise their standard and meet their aspirations and dreams if they utilize those gifts and talents very well and for the common interest.
They are able and capable to create and build good relationships which are stronger, smarter and healthier.
They are the light, the future and the hope of South Sudan only if they can reach this authentic understanding.
They are able to create change for the better in South Sudan with above-mentioned qualities.
They have to believe in their ability to create a new situation in South Sudan especially in the coming new year onward.
The have confidence in themselves that despite the recent situation in South Sudan, and despite circumstances of South Sudanese in the neighboring countries, they will strive to work for a change.
They are ready to offer their time and effort both physical and mental to ensure that South Sudanese as a whole get redefine and readdress themselves.
They are also ready to share, contribute, collaborate and sacrifice in order to bring rest, stability, harmony, peace and unity among South Sudanese despite what had happened.

They are also ready to lead and demonstrate new leadership concepts and trends provided that they are guided, helped and supported by their coaches, advisors, mentors and elders who are also concerned.
They knew that South Sudan as a nation and people is supposed to become stronger, safer and smarter after the separation, unfortunately it did become instead it has failed to realize itself, integrated in the tribal lines and more importantly it has extremely destroyed itself.
They also knew that without their positive involvement as youths and younger generations and without their constructive engagement into the whole issues and conflicts, nothing will materialize and change into a conducive atmosphere in South Sudan.

God bless you abundantly,
Dr. Jembi Jembi,

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