The 2019 Royal Ascot Goat Races Returns in October at Speke Resort Munyonyo

The Royal Ascot Goat races return to Kampala with a bang of the endless fun and Entertainment all socialites, mark 12th October 2019, on Kampala’s social calendar. The venue remains the usual customary Speke Resort Munyonyo.

By:Nasser Kasozi

KAMPALA –The most popular social events in town the Royal Ascot Goat races 2019 has finally returned with a bang on Uganda’s social calendar returns 12th October. It is happening at its customary official venue of Speke Resort, Munyonyo.

Ruparelia Foundation, the patrons of this calendar event says this is one way of giving out to the needy under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As such, the greatest social event in town is happening again come 12th October 2019 at Speke resort Munyonyo.

At an official announcement made Thursday, June 20 at Kabira Country Club, the organizers confirmed the ultimate fun show in Uganda will be happening on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Rajiv Ruparelia, the Chairman of the organizing committee said, that the royal Goat race event is ultimately the fun show for everyone Uganda who like to socialize and network, doing business giving back to community will be happening again with fun packed with more flavored additional activities including a silent disco, a chilling out lounge, food and drink outlets and entertainment for both adults and children.

Rajiv Ruparelia addressing participants and the Media at evening launch of the event at Kabila Country Club.THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

The event will be hosted at its customary official venue of Speke Resort, Munyonyo, and is powered by a number of sponsors, the Ruparelia Foundation, Sanyu FM, Gold Star Insurance Company, the Tusker Malt beer, and this time round the event has attracted news sponsors including Robbialac brand of Crown Berger Uganda Ltd and Silk events.

The Royal Ascot goat races event promises to recreate one of the most eagerly awaited weekend’s social and merrymaking, extravagant, fashion eats and music, which were the hallmarks of the great social royal Ascot Goat Races event for years.

Rajiv Ruparelia told participants that, the royal goat’s races unlike, in horse races where the animals display amazing speed and footwork, goat handlers push a padded horizontal barrier on wheels around the track to keep the goats from grazing, fighting or running backwards during the race, this makes sense and fan to the occasion that blend with all the entertainment, Nyama choma, drinks as business leaders are blended with family and clients in one event at a time.

proceedings from the event will go to support the works of the Ruparelia foundation where the proceeds will be going to construct public toilets to Good Samaritan School in Kamwokya a Kampala suburb to enable school going children access good quality hygiene and live healthy lives. According to Rajiv Ruparelia.

Rajiv Ruparelia said that this year’s signature event would highlight fashion, entertainment, food, glam and style. And called on Ugandans not only to come and watch the interesting goats racing, but also to network and socialize with family, friends and the business community.

This year’s Goat Race has attracted a number partners and sponsors including the Ruparelia Foundation, Sanyu FM, Tusker Malt, Silk Events and the Ruparelia Group Companies.

The Royal Ascot Goat Races is always an amazing experience to attend the Royal Ascot Goat Races as it is big on fun – music, good food and beverages, networking and the goats racing.

The organizers have managed to hold on the sponsors of the previous edition, according to the details on the launch invite.

As Robbialac and the Crown Berger Uganda, we are happy to be a part of the team that has brought this unique package that is surely going to be talked about for the rest of the years,” says Rajin Taylor, Chairman.
Uganda Breweries Limited Tusker Malt return as the main sponsor with Robbialac, NTV, Goldstar Insurance, Sanyu FM and Speke Resort Munyonyo, Ruparelia Foundation being the other sponsors.

“Tusker Malt Lager is proud to once again be a Platinum sponsor of the Goat Races and trust me, it can only get bigger and better. And while you experience all the fun and excitement, you’ll be able to enjoy the unmistakably rich, fresh premium taste of Tusker Malt Lager,” said Cathy Twesigye, Brand Manager, Premium Beers at Uganda Breweries.

Section of Partners & Sponsors of this years event reaffirms their support and commitment to have a colorful event for ever body to enjoy.THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP /PHOTO

During the event, a number of corporate companies will showcase their products and services in the tents that will be erected at the entire place filled with rhymes of music, fun and entertainment with spiced booze and eats will flow normally.

“The Royal Ascot Goat Races event will be and is the most popular event on Uganda’s social calendar for all the time they were held since 2003 to date, so we as (The Ruparelia Group) wanted to bring that amazing experience back with fun-filled activities for everyone to participate and enjoy in a responsible manner” said Rajiv Ruparelia, the event Chairman, at the re-launch press conference of the Royal Ascot goat race held on 20th June 2019 at Kabira Club Kampala.

“Our focus is on the races and activities around that, but there will be hospitality tents available, networking opportunities for every Ugandan who wants to do business and connect with people, food court with different types of cuisines both local and international, a beer and drinks garden, cocktail and champagne bars, sport and children games, playing areas and silent disco center, and chill-out lounges,” Rajiv Ruparalia added.

“We are excited about the Royal Ascot Goat Races event with all activities around it, which we consider the will be a social event by any fun-loving person would look forward to have fun the most highly in Uganda “Rajiv said.

Aside from the fun, the Ruparelia foundation is in it for a good cause. They will be undertaking an Eco Brick CSR project to build toilets aimed at improving sanitation at the Good Samaritan High School in Kamwokya.

One of the beneficiaries of Ruparelia Foundation Involved in creating opportunities for young people all supported by Rajiv Ruparelia they are involved in using local materials to make Bricks and conserving the environment.

We at the (Ruparelia Group) treasures the opportunity to serve the community we operate from to partner in organizing this great social event of the Royal Goat Racer because no fun event of this kind is complete without partners and meeting great incredible people from all classes of business and Life.

The 2019 Royal Ascot goat races will entail a number of goat races running over the course of the day, with each race featuring 6 to 10 goats at different intervals. Anyone can sponsor a race, or buy a goat to participate in a race. The proceeds generated from the races will then go to a selected charity of building Toilets for Good Samaritan school in Kamwokya a Kampala suburb and will be a CSR activity of the Ruparelia Foundation.

The goats come dressed in T-shirts with numbers inscribed on them. The goat owners actually bet loads of money on which goat is going to win the race.

A goat race sponsor entitles one to naming of the race, branding around the track and on event screens, prize giveaways, tickers to enter the owners tent and free entrance to the event. You can also buy a goat to participate in any one or all the races. Each goat prize is determined by the price of the race you can name your goat, and entitled to tickets to the owners tent. Freed entrance is guaranteed.

Goat prices range between Shs500, 000 to Shs1 million. Race prices on the hand range between Shs5 million to Shs10 million, with races of Shs6 million, Shs7 million and Shs10 million already sold to EROFOLEX, Orient Bank and Gold Star Insurance respectively.

One of the Goats Ready to be auctioned at the Event.This is what CRS means for such social Events.THE HOMELAND MEDIA GROUP/PHOTO

The Royal Ascot goat races is greatest social event in Kampala that gives fun and opportunities which is always enriched with different flavors, traditions, mixture of culture with touch, style and fashion as one of the key ingredients to its success besides the thrill of watching the goats racing tagged with different names and brands of partners both individuals and companies.

What to expect at the royal Ascot Goat Races 2019

As this year’s Royal Ascot Goat Races will be happening again in Kampala on Saturday 22 August 2019 at Speke Hotel Munyonyo, the public you have been alerted to check your social calendar not to miss.

Within the royal Ascot goat race contest the owner of the goat call them (Goat Fathers) with the best name will win a special dinner for two at Speke resort Munyonyo courtesy of Ruparelia Group of companies and its Event partners.

This year’s Royal Ascot goat races are definitely a must attend show for everyone and all these prizes up for grabs have added to the excitement.

There are more fun activities to look forward to with food and drinks, including a silent disco to be hosted at the venue that will be colorful with ordinary and VIP treatments of the revelers, a champagne bar and of course, plenty of seating by the lakeside for everyone in attendance to chill, eat and drink freely in a secure and ambient environment the Speke resort hotel Munyonyo.

the 2019 Royal Ascot Goat Races launch is attracting Kampala’s fun lovers,socialists and celebrities including Judith Heard and Salvador and Malaika who played the role of MC just like he did last year’s event.

Event MC’s for the night, Salvador & Malaika entertaining the revelers at the Launch of the years social event at Kabira country Club.

The crowd will be entertained by different arts and musicians and celebrities from Uganda and in the region as a usual custom expect the best from this social event of fun, silk events, Sanyu FM among others the event closes with a fireworks display.

The proceeds from this year’s royal Ascot goat races social and fun event will go to charity in support of the Good Samaritan school in Kamwokya as a Ruparelia Foundation outreach program that seeks to build toilets at a school and the communities to enable over 250 children have access to clean and health hygiene and live a health and meaningful life.

About the Royal Ascot Goats Races

The Royal Ascot Goats races are registered event began in 2004 as an annual charity event, and spun its own twist on the Royal Ascot Races.

The organizers, who include Rajiv Ruparelia and his sister Sheena Ruparelia said the event expected to attract crowds will take place on October 12, 2019 at its traditional home at Speke Resort Munyonyo where the goat race track that overlooks the lake is the centre of attraction with food, seating areas and hospitality tents sprawled across the gardens.

The Royal Ascot Goat Races has maintained a level of recognition and respect as it has always stayed true to its essence. Unlike other festivals by the royal ascot goat races is a great networking environment and prides on creating fun family day out. Overlooking the lake the goat race track is the center of attraction with food, seating areas and hospitality tents, sprawled across the gardens of Speke resort Munyonyo.

The goat races consisting of 10 goats per race and 8 races in can be on the goats at our tote first second and third place winners receive cash, all the proceeds collected from the tote goes to the charity selected by Ruparelia Foundation executive committee.

Tickets to the Goat Races will go for Shs50,000, with early bird offers at Shs30,000. VIP, which entitles you access to the owners’ hospitality tent costs Shs350,000 for early Bird and Shs400,000 at the gate.

There is a special weekend package for event goers who will want to avoid the traffic gridlock. A deluxe package with two tickets to the event goes for $149 while an executive suite goes for $400. It comes with two tickets to the event and entrance to the owners’ tent.

The Gates to the Royal Ascot goats’ races event will open at 8am where several goat fathers will model with their smartly dressed and branded goats with different names participating in each category and proceeding throughout the day.

Accordingly, this year’s event will entail many goat races for the day with each featuring along with the branded names of goat’s sponsor, (Fathers) where partners could have a goat to represent them or branded as such.

Booking and Tickets are available online for reservations at organizers website on or at the 1st day of August tickets will be available at designated Ruparelia group centers.

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