Battle for property divide,Tycoon Kiwanuka’s family, Denies having mental illness denies Sebuliba not biological son.

Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka is a renowned rich man who has built up enormous holdings in real estate, trade, radio and manufacturing but his failing mental health has ripped away the solid wall of normalcy in his family and business empire.

By: The Homeland News Agency

Uganda’s serial entrepreneur, the proprietor of Oscar industries and radio one 90, Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka has denied having any mental health case as alleged by one of his sons and a city lawyer Jordan Sebuliba and denied that Jordan Sebuliba is not his biological son after being involved in a protracted property wrangle that is tearing the Kiwanuka family apart.

Mohan Mohammed Kiwanuka, the husband of former Finance minister Maria Kiwanuka, is the owner of multiple businesses and properties in Uganda, including Oscar Industries ltd, Radio One and Radio 2 (Akaboozi Kubiri).

Mohan Kiwanuka has two wives Maria Kiwanuka and also has another one who believes to be the first wife Beatrice Kiwanuka, mother of lawyer Jordan Sebuliba who is believed to using court and his father’s sickness to try grabbing Kiwanuka’s empire.

Sebuliba recently went to court, demanding that tycoon Kiwanuka should give up management of his business empire since he is sick and no longer has the mental conscience to manage the property.

Mohan Kiwanuka told the African News Journal, about the genesis of this disagreement with his son over one of his properties a battle that has threatened to tear up the family apart, The property in question is Seven Trees Gardens located in Kololo along Dundas Road that Sebuliba had occupied without his permission, a thing never done by any of his siblings.

“He has occupied the property for the past 10 years without remitting any monies to his dad nor paying rent for it”.Kiwanuka said.

Kiwanuka said that Ssebulime recently mobilized his siblings and they started demanding for properties.

”My immediate response was, ‘when did you entrust me with them (properties)? ”Kiwanuka asked his sons.

Kiwanuka Says by refusing to heed to their demands that, marked the beginning of the case and endless accusations the fights for properties that is before the civil court and the media allover.

“Accordingly, Sebuliba requests court to take me to Butabika claiming I have mental health issues and subsequently appoint him as the director to run my businesses.

What suprises me is the person (Sebuliba) fighting over my property when I’m still alive is not my (biological) son. I just (adopted him and) raised him as my son. I even took him to good schools, including to a University in UK from where he studied his law degree.

“On his return, he failed to get a job and I got him one. I even funded his wedding. But he is not my son, his mother, and then a secretary in one of the offices in Entebbe sired him from her boss, a westerner.

When I suggested to his mother that we take him to a DNA test, she began quarrelling. I told her it was okay. I decided to raise him just like a true Muganda.”

Mohan Kiwanuka now says he doesn’t want any of his children siding with Sebuliba to come near him because they will be dealing with a wrong blood that is trying to threaten the family into a break up and eventually collapse the legacy and kiwanuka’s strong empire.

“If they have taken me to court over my own property, then they are capable of doing anything to me.” Kiwanuka speaks loud hope is heard?

Jordan Sebuliba 40, was born by Beatrice Kavuma,Mohan Kiwanuka’s first wife with four other siblings from his mother.

Kiwanuka’s second wife, Maria, has three children. On evicting his first wife, Beatrice from their marital home in Kololo, he says he has only one wife, Maria Kiwanuka and has never stayed with Beatrice for the last 35 years.

Nonetheless, he wasn’t forcing her out of the property. He says he had got someone who was willing to pay $5,000 monthly rent for the property. And following the death of his mother who was residing in Kamwokya, he only advised her to occupy his late mother’s house and be receiving the $5,000 monthly rent from the property she is occupying for she is aging and shouldn’t be doing hard works but her response was, “who sleeps in Kamwokya?”Kiwanuka tales the story….?

We have reliably learnt that Mohan Kiwanuka put all his kids including Sebuliba on a retainer where he gives each $3,000 (about Shs11million) every month for their upkeep.

According to court documents, Kiwanuka has over 46 properties including Oscar Industries, Radio 1 and Radio 2 (Akaboozi ku Biri), and real estate investments that includes residential and commercial properties in Kololo, Naguru, Nakasero, Nakawa and Kiwatule.

Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka is a renowned rich man who has built up enormous holdings in real estate, trade, radio and manufacturing but his failing mental health has ripped away the solid wall of normalcy in his family and business empire.

Tycoon Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka File Photo

His properties in Kololo and Nakasero are rented by 13 North American and European embassies.

What makes Kiwanuka stand out is the finesse and humility with which he carries himself. Of recent, he has withdrawn from the public eye as contentious speculation continues to grow that his mental health has slipped to the extent that he is now unable to run his businesses.

Mohan Musisi Kiwanuka Health Status

Kiwanuka continues to keep a low public profile but some media reports claim he now suffers from the ravages of Alzheimer’s and therefore is unable to manage his personal or financial affairs.

According to www.mayoclinic.org, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that causes brain cells to degenerate and die. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia — a continuous decline in thinking, behavioural and social skills that disrupts a person’s ability to function independently.

In the suit, Ssebuliba says he took the decision after observing the goings-on in the family estate. He claims that his stepmother, Maria Kiwanuka, recently breached her fiduciary duties by taking advantage of his father’s deteriorating condition to seize control of the assets.

This is hinged on Maria Kiwanuka’s recent registration as a director in all Mohan Kiwanuka’s six holding companies that manage more than 46 properties as well as 33 subsidiaries. However, an affidavit by Kyamukungubya disputes his brother’s characterization in a court filing.

Through Fides Legal Advocates, Kyamukungubya contends that his father is of sound mind and that Ssebuliba is greedy and dishonest.

“No special procedures have ever been taken to determine his [Mohan’s] mental capacity to run his businesses and I know this is another of the applicant’s [Ssebuliba] schemes to grab property…,” reads part of the affidavit.

The legal battle is still unfolding and, for now, it remains to be seen whether Mohan will be subjected to a mental check to ascertain his wellbeing.

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