Ugandan woman chops off husband’s genitalia

A jealous woman in Mukono central Uganda chopped off her husband’s genitals with a kitchen knife for allegedly neglecting her and staying with his second wife at the neighbourhood, police said on Sunday.
Rehema Kabayana,24, was convinced that her husband Anthony Sekawa,28, was having an affair with another woman in the neighborhood, and the woman has been arrested, Kampala metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said.
“He used to boast about his manhood and told me that he can have children with other women but not me,” the woman told police. Rehema Kabayana,told The African News Journal
According to the Police, Kabayana waited for her husband to fall asleep and she cut off his penis from its base using a four- inch knife. The incident took place in Wantoni, Mukono Municipality.

Sekawa has been transferred to a hospital in Kampala where he is receiving treatment.

The horrified husband reportedly told the Police that his wife cut off his manhood as punishment for his alleged transgressions.

“Apart from the private part, she hurt him nowhere else. We have also informed her family members about the incident. My brother has also given his statements to the police,” he said.
Doctors at the mukono medical center said the victim is still critical.
“The patient’s genitals had been cut off. We have performed the surgery. He is in a critical situation but we are hoping that he will survive. In such cases, the patient is able to reproduce after the surgery.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed that Mukono Police had received a report on the incident. He said team had already visited Sekawa’s home to gather evidence.
Police said the two often had quarrels over his staying at the second wife’s residence
The suspect is being detained at Mukono Police station on charges of attempted murder. Under section 204 of the Penal Code, any person found guilty of attempted murder is liable to imprisonment for life.

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