Veterans in Isingiro Petition Museveni over Unpaid Pension

ISINGIRO Retired and veteran army officers in Isingiro district have petitioned President Yoweri Museveni to task the ministry to expedite the process of paying their pension and gratuity that they have been waiting long overdue.
These petitioned Museveni through the state minister in charge of veteran affairs Lt. Col Bright Rwamirama Kanyontore who was meeting them on Saturday at Isingiro district headquarters.
Rtd Pte Mishaki Kananura revealed that since retirement in 1979 he has never received any pay from government.
I am now 82yrs old I am one of the people who started this movement after crossing from Obote government but I have never received my pension now we want money, the war of liberating this country started from Isingiro but nothing we have got
He pointed out that the fresh registration of veterans only benefits the NRA officers Remember I was serving in Obotes government I think thats why I am not considered I was only given condolence of only shs5m in 2016 when I lost my brother but since 1979 I have never received anything.
Mike Wambi the commissioner rehabilitation psycho-social support and resettlement of the army said that out of 200,000 veterans in Uganda, 7984 have not received their pension since January 2019.
He added that the ministry needs a total of shs508b to cater for the veterans in the country.
Peninah Tushemereirwe the caretaker to late Sgt. Eryezari Rutagangibwa noted that since 1995, they have not recived their fathers pension and gratuity and asked government to expedite the process.
My father first fought the 1st and 2nd world war and in 1979 he again offered 4 cows to Mukiibi and Rwakaitema to help Museveni in the bush war but since then we have never got any support neither our fathers pension. I have injected like 3million following my fathers money as a heir but up to now I have received anything explained Tushemereirwe
In response, Rwamirama blamed the delay on public service which has failed to settle veterans pension files. To remove your files from the public service to arrange them has been a big problem. Towards Christmas we had 27,000 files that had not been worked on because they were messed up
He, however, confirmed that the ministry is working on the UPDF and veterans bill that will equally benefit all veterans.

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